Wednesday Recap

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This is me in the middle with my mother’s cousins Michael and Michele.  It was taken at their house in the mid 1970s.  Michael is three years older than me and died in December 2016.  His sister Michele is still around.



Wednesday recap

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Once again we are at 18 Newton St.  My great grandmother Joanne sitting on the front porch.  When I lived there it was concrete steps with iron railings.  My great grandmother was still sitting there.  Most summer days she would sit at the top of the steps and wait for neighbors to walk by and update her on goings on in the neighborhood.  I would sit at the bottom of the steps with my dog.

The place is now owned by a management company that replaced the front door with a grey metal security door.  The front bushes that are two feet here are now almost ten feet tall and unruly.

Wednesday recap

JJ (10)

This picture was taken in 1955 at the family home at 18 Newton St. in Buffalo.  Before I mention the people in the picture I need to point out the hand crank pencil sharpener on the counter on the left.  That sharpener was still there in 2008 when my mother finally sold the house.

Back to the people, starting on the is my great grandmother Joanne Switkowski nee Gulcewski.  The rest are her grandchildren.  Right next to Joanne is Joseph Surdyk. Next is the oldest grandchild my mom, Joann Alajko Harris, then Joe’s sister Martha Surdyk.  Behind her is Kathy (Tina) Alajko Kurek.  Next to Tina is her brother Joseph Alajko.

I will guess based on Joe standing next to his grandmother that this is his early birthday party.  Joe was born July 7, 1947.

Four of the people are still with us, both Joanne and Joann are gone.

Wednesday Recap

I posted this picture on Wednesday.  It was taken on Christmas Eve in 1997 or 1998 at the old family home on 18 Newton St.


This is not three men with their sons.  Five of them are first cousins.  I am back row on the right with my oldest in front of me. Going to the left and around we drop in age.  I am the oldest of the five of us.  Next is my cousin Joe, next is his younger brother Chris.  In front of Chris is our cousin Kevin.  On the floor in front of Joe is Kevin’s brother Eric.

This huge age difference among cousins is very common in my maternal line.  Usually you see this in large families but we are mostly small families.  It just seems that someone waits a while to have children.

In my mother’s group of cousins she was the oldest and her cousin Melanie is three years younger than me.