The purse


This was my great grandmother Joanna’s.  I call it a purse but I’m not sure what the correct term for it is.  It was passed down to her youngest daughter Joanna. Inside is quite a bit of  pieces of family history.


A lot of it involves my great grandfather’s death.  There is also bills.  Old tax and utility bills.


1944 was the year 18 Newton St was bought by my great grandparents.  That October my great grandfather died.


This is the funeral book from the services for Joseph Switkowski.  I posted more pictures from this here.



I have no idea why some of this was saved.


Wawrzyn Murawa


I did this search for Wawrzyn and found little until I was able to compare addresses with Lawrence.  So I found him in 1897 living at 112 Lombard on Buffalo’s east side.  He was a tailor, later he appears as a laborer.  In a previous prayer card post I translated a Maryanna Murawa but found little.  I found her information while researching Wawrzyn.

1900 shows the family of four living at 112 Lombard.  Lawrence Murawa 45, Mary Murawa 43, Hedwig Murawa 18, Tomasz Murawa 13. Lawrence is a day labourer.

New York’s 1905 census has the family of 3 missing Hegwig.  Wowszyn Murawa 50,
Mary Misrawa 28, and Tomasz Misrawa 16 are still at 112 Lombard.  There are other families in the home.  The homes in the area are usually one or two family but usually there were many members of extended family sharing rooms.

The 1910 US Census has Lawrence and Mary living with their daughter Hatwig and her family at 112 Lombard St.

The 1915 New York Census lists him as 52, living in the US for 30 years.  It shows his birth place is listed as Germany.  He is the head of household for 3 people: Wawrzyn Murawa 52, Mary Murawa 43, Thomas Murawa 27.   Later this year Mary died.

I can’t find Wawrzyn on the 1920 census.  He should be there but I couldn’t find him.

Lombard is just a couple blocks away from Corpus Christi so the most likely connection between them and my family is from the church.

His old home at 112 Lombard is now a vacant lot. like much of the east side of Buffalo.


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Wednesday Translation




Rest in peace

Wawrzyn Murawa
He was born on August 12, 1862.
He died on April 13, 1922.
A funeral from home would starting at 112 Lombard Street then
go to the church of St. Stanislaus
Interred at the cemetery
Saint Stanislaus

Merciful Jesus, through Your heart to give this soul a forgiveness of all sins, pleading for Your Mercy.
Mary’s Health, etc.

Jan Stromski,              Phone
926 Sycamore St.       Oxford 4804-M
577 Fillmore Ave.      Jeff. 2187 -J

Blog update

A quick update on the blog.

Last week I was in the hospital for a few days for an infection in the leg.  It took away some time on blogging and genealogy research in general.  The past week has been work and rest.  There hasn’t been much energy to do much else.  I still have a few more visits to the doctor to make sure everything is cleared up.  Once all that is done I have to catch up on chores.

The last blog Wednesday Translation was the last of my scheduled blogs.  The research blog never got off because there is so little go on on right now.   The is another prayer card with the same last name that may get me information on both names.

I hope to get back to blogging soon.

Wednesday Translation



Maryanna Murawa

She was born on the 15th of August 1874,
He died on the 26th of August 1915.

The funeral on August 28, 1915, at 9 am, at the home, 112 Lombard, the church of Saint Stanislaus, and the cemetery of St. Stanislaus.

God of mercy, the souls of the faithful from May to May; servants and handmaids, and all here and in Christ, the man who rests. give me the forgiveness of sins mercifully: that all offenses committed by Tobq may end without end

Healthy Mary, etc.
Eternal subsidence and t d.

Zakland Funeral
J. Stromski
566 Filmore Ave Buffalo, N. Y.



I’m having trouble finding a good translation for the section underlined.  Google and the Oxford dictionary are not helping.