Jan Turkiewicz




I didn’t think Jan Turkiewicz would be such a popular name but it was.  Based on age at time of death I was able to narrow down some sources but I didn’t have enough to get much more.

I found he arrived 0n 10 June 1905 at New York City.  He left from Hamburg, Germany aboard the Rhaetia.  I didn’t see any family information on the file.  The handwriting is terrible.

I used his final address to backtrack some census records.  I found him in 1910 living at 179 Townsend street with his wife Sophia and his three children; Anna Turkiewiez 14,
Stanislaus Turkiewiez 12, Albert Turkiewiez 10.  By 1915 Anna was not listed with the family, she’d be 19 and may have moved away.  By 1920 he and Sophia were living on Detroit St. with Albert Turkiwicz 19 and grandchild Sophie Golonka 16.  Some searching showed that she and her family were living at 179 Townsend in 1910;  Michael Golonka 32, Victoria Golonka 26, Zophia Golonka 6, Leon Golonka 5, Mary Golonka 3, and Stanislaus Golonka 1.  I can assume that Victoria was an elder daughter of Jan and Sophia.





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Wednesday Translated



Jan Turkiewicz
He died on March 5, 1925. He was 59 years old.
The funeral on 7 March at the house from 179 Detroit St. to St. Stanislaus church.                Body interred at the St. Stanislaus Cemetery.

Merciful Jesus, forgive this soul all forgiveness of sins, that at humble our prayers she may obtain Your mercy.
Mary’s Health, etc.
Eternal rest, etc.

John Stromski Burial
585 Filmore Ave.             Jeff. 5520-R
440 Elk St.            Phone Jeff 1600-J


Anna Roskwitalska



Anna Marlinski was born around 1890 in the Polish area of Germany.  She married John Roskwitalski.  They had three children: Leonard Roskwitaski, Frank Roskwitaski, and
Virginia Roskwitaski.

They lived in the Polish east side of Buffalo, New York.  Most of the time was on Broadway Street, the main commercial street af the area.



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Wednesday Translated




Anna Roskwitalska

She died on 28th June 1934.

The funeral took place on 30th June from the house of 1348 Broadway to the church of St. Joachim.
Interred at the cemetery of St. Stanislaus, B. and M.
Our Father, Hail Mary, Eternal Rest, etc.
Section A.A. Lot 105 Grave 4.

Frank E. Orlowski
Funeral Director
1476 Broadway 852 Clinton
Buffalo, N.Y.
Phone Jefferson 7100





Rozalia Morska


Rozalia was born around 1860 in Galicia.  Rozalia and her four children arrived in New York on October 2, 1906.  They were detained at Ellis Island to Telegram her husband Felix in Buffalo, New York for money.  Her husband was living at 59 William St..

In 1910 the family of 8 was living on Broadway in Buffalo.

The family at the time was :

  • Felix Morski 54
    Rose Morski 50
    Stanislawa Morski 24
    John Morski 22
    Eveline Morski 17
    Jadwiga Morski 15
    Stanley Morski 13
    Henry Morski 3 grandchild.


By 1915 Rose was married but Stanislawa the oldest and Henry the  grandchild were no longer in the home.  I did not find a mom for Henry but assume that Stanislawa was the dad.  That would be my start point if I was doing more research on this family.

1920 found the family living at 66 Miller Ave.  The family is now Felix Morski 64, Rose Morski 60, Hattie Morski 21, and Stanley Morski 20.

Rose and Felix were still at 66 Miller with Son Stanley in 1925.

I did not find they on the 1930 census.  I also could not finder her maiden name.  Those papers are probably still in Galicia.  It may be in the Pozen project.

Hope this helps someone researching this family.


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Wladyslaw Podlewski



The 1900 US census has Wladyslaw is ten years old and a student.  His parents were Michael and Mary, both from Germany/Poland.  They have been married 22 years.  There are nine children in the home, three older than Wladyslaw.  It lists his birthplace as New York.

Wladyslaw was out of school and working as a day laborer at the age of 16.  I cannot imagine at 16 having to go out and start making a living and having to have your life in order to be an adult.

In  1910 Wladyslaw was 20 years old living with his parents and siblings at 16 Hilton St.  He was a machinist for the railroad.  He would have been a block away from work at the time.  He was the oldest of seven still living at home with the youngest 8 years old.  His older siblings have moved away from the home.

On October 6, 1915 he married Konstancya Tasner in Buffalo, New York.

His WWI draft card lists his birth date as July 6, 1881.  He is living at 18 Swinburne St. with his wife and young child.  18 Swinburne is 1 mile from 16 hilton, it’s a 20 minute walk but knowing the area he could have cut the time in half walking over the railroad tracks.  He was still a machinist with the New York Central RR so he would not have been stopped walking through.  It’s possible he could have visited his family almost daily after he moved.

He asked for an exemption from service due to a wife and small child at home.

1925 Walter and Constance were living at 1399 Broadway with their four children.  I am taking the 1925 census with a grain of salt on most of the information.  It lists his birth as 1884, born in Poland and working as a confectioner.  All of the handwriting on the census page is in the same hand.  Personally, I do not believe the family was spoken to but one of the neighbors may have given information.  It is possible that the year is correct because the last digit on the WWI draft card was written over multiple times.  But, on the 1900 census his older sibling are listed as born in Poland while he and the younger are listed as born in New York.  He would have grown up around heavy Polish use.  It is possible he had an accent and the person talking to the enumerator just assumed.

Five years later he died leaving behind his wife and four children ages eight to fourteen.



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