Stanley Korzeniewski



Born around 1888 in Poland, Stanley came to the US in 1913.

Stanley was a single border living at 39 Townsend in the east side of Buffalo, New York.

In 1920 Stanley Korzeniewski was living with his wife and two children at 31 Schutrum St in Buffalo, New York.  This is in the Broadway Bailey neighborhood between Buffalo’s Polonia and Lovejoy areas.  Stanley immigrated in 1913 but by 1920 was unable to speak english.  He was a laborer at a meat packing company.

The family included wife Frances children Czeslawa 2, and newborn Casimer.

By 1930 the family was living at 230 Lackawanna Avenue in Cheektowaga, New York.  Cheektowaga is a first ring suburb just east of the Polish east side.  At this time Stanley 42 and Francis 33 now had 6 children at home: Jesse 13, Casmir 11, Stephen 9, Leonard 6, Celia 3, and Edward 2.

1940 shows the family intact and living at 388 Reiman Street in Cheektowaga.  Stanley is now listed as a sausage maker.  He had a 4th grade education and was able to get a job that paid for a home and able to feed a family of eight.

For most of the prayer card stories I have not found a clue how they knew my family.  In this case I can make a good guess.  My Uncle Edmund Alajko  was a sausage maker for many years.  I expect they were coworkers and met other members of the family.




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Wednesday Translation



Jan Baran
He died on June 15, 1940. The funeral took place on June 19 from the house of 348 Curtis Street, to Corpus Christi Church.

Body laid to the cemetery of St. Stanislaus, B. M.
Section FF – Line 21 – Grave 39.

Hear us, Lord, pray for your souls and servants, that you may release them from all their sins and make them partakers of your redemption Amen.

Antoni L. Orlowski and Son
Parish Funeral
173 Stanislaus                 1456 Broadway
Buffalo, N. Y.                    Tel HU. 4600




DNA update

Ancestry has updated their DNA estimates.  These are my mother’s new numbers.  They got a lot more specific on splitting up the eastern European DNA.


JLH updated ancestry


Europe East 96% (Range: 91%—100%)
Finland/Northwest Russia 2% (Range: 0%—5%)
Ireland/Scotland/Wales <1% (Range: 0%—2%)
Great Britain <1% (Range: 0%—3%)
3,000 reference samples

Stanislaw M. Puchalski



Here is what I’ve found Stanislaw M. Puchalski.  He was born December 6, 1889 i Wola, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland.

By 1905 he was living in Buffalo, New York with his family.  The household included: Stanley Puckalski 46, Komtange Puckalski 56, Thadeus Puckalski 18 and
Stanley Puckalski 14.

By 1907 he was a student living at 232 Playter, Buffalo, NY.  No change for the family in the 1920 Census.

In 1915 Stanley was married to Lucy Frost Puchalski, 23,  with a one year old son Richard.

Stanley moved the family from the Polish east side of Buffalo to the small Polish west side neighborhood.  He was a florist living at 344 Amherst Street.

1919 finds him back on the east side at 1096 Broadway still a florist.


Lucy Puchalski died on 24 Jul 1923.  In 1925 Stanley, 34,  was now married to Loraine age 25.  Son’s Richard  10 and Teddy 8 round out the household.

Stanley has moved the family back to the west side to 979 Grant Street by 1930.  Raymond now four has joined the family.  Stanley works for the health department as an inspector.

Two years later Stanley was at the St. Stanislaus Cemetery in Plot Sec BB.

In 2017 the antique store Junk and Disorderly closed.  It was located at 979 Grant Street. 

Yet again I could not find a connection to my family to explain why they had the prayer card.



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Wednesday Translation



Stanislaw M. Puchalski He died on June 25, 1932. The funeral took place on June 29, from his home at 979 Grant St., at 10am, to the church of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary After the service at the cemetery of St. Stanislaus B. M.


O most precious Blood, poured out of abundance.

For the bitter death of Jesus Give us eternal life.

And souls will be given a cool salvation

(400 years of indulgence)

Wednesday Translation



Blessed are those who have died in the Lord. Vol. 14.

Franciscan Sisters, I humbly ask for the holy prayers of our beloved Sister
M. Salezyi

from the Immaculate Conception, who was 31 years old, of those in the order 14. She fell asleep in the Lord on November 19, 1922 in Buffalo, N. Y.
Rest in peace!

Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on me. (100 days Reply)
O My Jesus of Mercy! (100 days.)
Sweetest Jesus, don’t be a Judge to me, but a Savior. (59 days.)
Jesus’ dying heart, have mercy on the dying. (300 days.)
Mary’s sweetest heart, be my salvation! (300 days)

A. Urban, Funeral
26 Kent St. Buffalo, N. Y.