Where Was I: Tops again

The last time I wrote about where I worked I had just quit Darien Lake on a Saturday. That Monday I drove to the old Tops where I worked. I went to the front office to get an application and was recognized by the office manager and was able to get an interview right away. I was able to start on night crew that night.

Another just over minimum wage job but with a lot of overtime. For several months I stocked shelves overnight. After about 6 months I was made Frozen Foods Manager. The department was set up as part of the Dairy/Frozen department. There was a D/F manager and a separate Frozen manager, there were usually 3 part timers working during the day along with the D/F Manager. Frozen manager worked overnights on their own.

In April of 1994 my Oldest was born and the company decided I did not need to take time off for his birth. I did not go in the day he was born. After a meeting I was told not to come back. After 4 days I was called and begged to stock an order and write the next order because no one else knew how, I went in and was told to take a few more days off and come back. No apology or admission of mistreatment.

During the summer the Grocery department manager decided he wanted to teach me a lesson for taking time off in April. The D/F department was a Grocery department sub category so the Grocery manager had the right to control the D/F department. There were a couple failed attempts to write me up. The assistant managers took care of the paperwork so nothing official ever happened. At the end of summer the Grocery manager decided that the Frozen department needed to be moved to days only. Because my wife worked days I needed nights. This was another attempt to punish me. I ended up back on night crew working under the same grocery manager. Suddenly he no longer had a problem with me. Tops had a night crew issue. Once you had a good crew you could not mess with them ever. Store manager had been transferred at other locations for messing with a night crew. The last thing a store could afford is a night crew leaving, it had happened at other locations. I was on a good night crew and now he couldn’t do anything to get back at me for taking days off. I stayed on night crew until spring when I was able to get a job at their main competitor Wegmans. It was good day to leave.

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