DNA Update

This is my updated DNA for 2021. There are some changes.


My Eastern European percentage dropped 6%. Everything else became Germanic Europe, this matches my father’s side. The addition of the European Jewish is new but makes sense for the amount of Eastern European DNA I have. My mother is 2% so I expect somewhere in her Polish ancestry is a Jewish family that may tried to hide who they were to stay alive.

Here is a link to my last update.

DNA update

Ancestry has updated their DNA estimates.  These are my mother’s new numbers.  They got a lot more specific on splitting up the eastern European DNA.


JLH updated ancestry


Europe East 96% (Range: 91%—100%)
Finland/Northwest Russia 2% (Range: 0%—5%)
Ireland/Scotland/Wales <1% (Range: 0%—2%)
Great Britain <1% (Range: 0%—3%)
3,000 reference samples

Are the lines true?

Ancestry has a beta version of a new feature that is lighting up social media called TrueLines.  The idea is to find common ancestors to your DNA matches.

I have tried to find a good explanation of what exactly it does but can’t get much information.

truelines search

What I gather is it triangulates two DNA profiles with a non DNA profile in each profiles tree.  I am assuming that it compares segments that match between the two and looks at the respective trees to see if they line up.

From my searches through the lines I have some really good pieces of information.  The best information comes when the other user has a public tree that is well sourced.  The least useful are DNA profiles that are not connected to a tree.

There have already been too many unconnected DNA profiles and the number keeps rising.  It seems that when the major DNA companies have their holiday sales they get a lot of people to test but not many that are interested in genealogy.  Those that test because the were asked by the family genealogist need to get connected.  If the test taker is ok with the asker they need to let them manage the profile and add them to a tree.  Or the asking genealogist should build a small tree for the test taker to connect to.  This way they can keep some interest in genealogy and possible add to the tree they get.

Ancestry also added a tagging system to our trees.  I would like to be able to tag the potential ancestors that appear in the TrueLines filter.  Something so I can help prioritize where I do in depth searching and not waste time would be helpful.

Overall, I find the new feature useful.  It can be made better by us the users.


Here are my DNA updates from Ancestry.  Some changes, but nothing major.  It did add the Germanic Europe which is more in line with my paper trail on my father’s side.  There was no Germanic on my mother’s side, she was mostly Polish.  You can see her DNA in my Eastern European DNA.



DNA new






My mother’s DNA

Then and now.

With all of those new DNA users that joined after Christmas Ancestry was able to update their data.


This is my mother’s old DNA profile.  It follows what all the paperwork has said for a long time.

JLH updated DNA

This is the new DNA profile.  I was surprised by how different it is but it really seems to still follow the paperwork.  It also matches better with some things on MyHeritage.com.  Especially the 2% European Jewish.  That is an area I have never searched or seen referenced in any family stories.  This may be a new area to learn about.

I do wonder that Sweden was taken out since Poland and Sweden were once united.

“Sigismund III Vasa was King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania, monarch of the united Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth from 1587 to 1632, and King of Sweden from 1592 as a composite monarchy until he was deposed in 1599. He was the son of King John III of Sweden and his first wife, Catherine Jagellonica of Poland.” Wikipedia

I will post my differences soon.

Where do I start DNA

There is a lot of information out there on using DNA for genealogy.  Sometimes I think there may be too much.

There are multiple blogs, books, and videos that explain what to do and what to looks for in your research.  But I have not seen much on what to do from the beginning and good steps to follow after that.  I think that most of the experts were brought up in the infancy of DNA and each stumbled through until they found what works.  There is good and bad to that.  Good that they were able to use their skills find a way to use DNA.  Bad, because not all had the same level of skill and weren’t able to translate those skills to a chart that others could use.

Or somewhere out there is exactly what I’m looking for but I can’t find it amongst the thousand of pieces or information available.

A simple chat showing an order on how to start researching would be nice. Start with where to read up on the legalities of DNA testing.  After that:

  1. get tested
  2. get local copy of DNA
  3. upload to other sites. list of sites that are free
  4. here is where I get lost.

When do you try triangulation?  What do you need?  What is the importance of DNA painter?  How do you choose matches to contact?  Is it worth contacting a 5th cousin or higher?  What information should I save for from each contact?

Each new piece of information seems to go over my head more and more.