Funeral Book

My great grandfather Joseph Edward Switkowski died October 15, 1944.  He died in the second bedroom at 18 Newton Street in Buffalo, New York.  This room would in 1971 become my bedroom.

I think this connection to my great grandfather is what makes him my most researched ancestor.  This past spring a 1st Cousin once removed found a picture of him from WWI that she gave to me.  That picture is on the wall behind me now.  On another wall I have a shadow box with his dog tags.

The funeral took place at Corpus Christi Church on October 19.  Burial is at Saint Stanislaus Cemetery in Cheektowaga, New York also on the 19th.  Arrangements were directed by the Cwikalowski Funeral Home.  The funeral home was at 185 Crocker St., but is now a two family home.  He was escorted by riflemen and bugler from American Legion Post 799.

After my great grandmother died in 1980 some paperwork went to my great aunt Joanna.  She gave me the paperwork because of my genealogy interests.  I found my great grandfather’s funeral book.  It lists several pages of Polish name from the neighborhood.  I recognize many of the surnames but have not found how many are related or how.  If you have Polish family from Buffalo take a look at the names and you may find a connections.


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